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Hello! I'm RanAwaySuccessfully, also known as RanAS or just Ran. I'm a quiet person that rarely talks, partly due to lack of topics to talk about, and partly due to general awkwardness.

I'm usually around a few retro gaming communities, and I contribute to The Cutting Room Floor occasionally.

I have a few programming projects here and on GitHub, and I have more that are still in the works. I'm still learning a lot about programming, so hopefully in the near future I'll be able to make more cool things! I also know about accounting for some reason.

Every once in a while I may write something...maybe. If you need to contact me, you can do so through here.

Projects and Works

Densha de GO! English Guide

A website explaining how to play Densha de GO!, a Japanese train simulation series of games.

Ocarina of Time Item Tracker

Item tracker for the Ocarina of Time Randomizer. It even has a map for tracking chest locations!

Windows 7 Countdown

Windows 7's official support is ending soon, so I made a little countdown timer for it.


A lightweight color picker tool that you can easily implement on any webpage. It also supports HSLuv!


Other minor things that aren't really noteworthy enough to have their own place on the home page.