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A notice for people using 7-Zip

Chances are if you have 7-Zip installed on your computer you have the old version installed, v9.20 which was considered the recommended version until November 19th 2015 when the alpha/beta versions became official stable releases starting with v15.14. At the time of this post, the most recent version is v16.04. I highly recommend updating your 7-Zip version in case you still have v9.20 installed. If you're not sure which version you currently have, open 7-Zip, go to the Help tab and click "About 7-Zip...". The reason for updating is simple, v9.20 was released 6 years ago in late 2010 which makes it quite outdated, lots of general improvements were made on new (small) features, but most importantly various bug fixes. As of yet, no major bugs have been found since v15.14 according to 7-Zip's changelog.

For those of you that use the 7-Zip Theme Manager like I do (because I find the default icons kinda ugly), beware that v2.1 won't work with the newer versions for changing the icons in the application's toolbar, you must download the "v2.1.1 Hotfix for 7-Zip 9.23 alpha" instead.

Download page for 7-Zip.
Download page for the 7-Zip Theme Manager.

Fun fact: This post was supposed to come out on February 2nd but I got lazy. You know how it goes.